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CDL Violations in North Carolina

Wilmington CDL Violation Lawyer Protecting Professional Drivers

A traffic violation can be a headache for anyone. But if your livelihood depends on your ability to drive a commercial vehicle, a traffic violation can turn into a nightmare. If you drive a truck, a bus or other commercial vehicle, The Wagoner Law Firm, P.L.L.C. would like to help you avoid the harsh consequences attached to conviction for these violations.

The goal of our commercial driver's license (CDL) violations attorney is to help you preserve your professional licensing, your freedom and, perhaps most importantly, your ability to keep driving for work.

The blood alcohol limit for commercial drivers is .04, half of what it is for drivers of noncommercial vehicles. Naturally, that will make the case against you all the more difficult to fight in court. Luckily, we are up for the challenge and we won’t back down from a heated jury trial.

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Commercial drivers can be accused of many of the same moving violations as other drivers on the road, including speeding, passing violations, distracted driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The difference between CDL violations and standard moving violations is that the consequences are steeper for commercial drivers.

In addition, commercial drivers are subject to a few violations that are unique to only those in the commercial driving profession:

  • Weight violations
  • Permit violations
  • Truck route violations

Penalties increase for drivers hauling hazardous materials. If you are facing a second charge for a commercial license violation, you could lose your commercial license for life.

If you are facing any of these or other traffic violations that threaten to derail your professional life in North Carolina, The Wagoner Law Firm, P.L.L.C. is here to help.

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A CDL violation need not keep you from doing your job; that is, if you have the right defense attorney representing you at trial.

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