When The Party Stops

For many students, drinking is a part of the college experience. Students at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and other nearby colleges may think nothing of partying over the weekend in Downtown Wilmington or Wrightsville Beach. But the fun can stop rather abruptly for underage students who are caught drinking.

What's The Big Deal?

Drinking may be common on college campuses, but being common doesn't make it entirely legal. For a student under the age of 21, a charge of underage drinking can mean a permanent criminal record, which can make getting a job or a lease extremely difficult. In addition, those charged with underage drinking can face probation and license suspension. In short, there's a lot at stake for a young person facing this kind of charge. Fortunately, an underage drinking attorney such as myself can help protect students from the full force of potential legal consequences for such a charge.

A minor need not be driving to be charged with underage drinking in North Carolina. Simply possessing alcohol is enough, even if the minor is not intoxicated.

Protect A Young Future

There are things I can do as a lawyer to help navigate an underage drinking charge. For example, in certain limited circumstances, minors are allowed to be in the possession of alcohol. I can also investigate whether the officials who made the arrest did so in error, or somehow violated arrest procedure. To discuss the circumstances of your case and find out your best next steps, call my Wilmington office at 910-782-2962 or email me to start the conversation.