Protect Your License

Having your driver's license revoked is more complicated than getting it suspended, because if you want to drive again you have to re-apply. In the meantime, you may no longer have a way to get to work or the grocery store or to medical appointments. At The Wagoner Law Firm, PLLC, I am an attorney who is committed to protecting your driving privileges so you can continue to lead a productive life free from unnecessary complication.

What Triggers A Revocation?

You can lose your license in North Carolina for a number of reasons, not all of them having to do with traffic violations. For example, any of these violations can cause you to have your license revoked:

  • Multiple DWIs
  • Multiple convictions for reckless driving and other serious violations
  • Too many accumulated points on your license
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Failure to appear for a summons
  • Failure to pay child support

As a lawyer, it may not always be possible for me to erase every violation that pushed you to the brink of license revocation. But it may be possible to mitigate your charges to the point that you are able to maintain your freedom to drive.

Let's Keep You On The Road

Keeping your license can be crucial to your ability to function in life, including your ability to hold down a job. Come talk to me about the charges you're facing, and I can provide you with astute legal advice about how we might protect your license from being revoked. To schedule your free initial consultation at my Wilmington office, call 910-782-2962 or contact me online.